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Range Rover Add-On Wheels [SUV Add-on Wheels]

  • I would love to see some real life Range Rover Vogue wheels for my L405 Range Rover Vogue car mod.
    These would be great as they are options in real life, as they could be in GTA5 for my Vogue.

    The wheels I want and extra info:

    "Style 101" Rims, with a chrome, all black, and the version in the picture.

    "Style 707" Rims, with an option for all chrome, all black or as pictured.

    "Style 514" Rims with an option for all chrome,all black, or as pictured.

    The colours in real life and the pictures are a "diamond turned grey" and the black edges/inside parts.

    I would love to see them as a grey, however this may look bad in GTAV so normal colour would be fine, but test what they look like as grey first.

    Willing to pay, DM for more details :)

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