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Replacing RIOT vehicle causes flipping [HELP]

  • Whenever I try to install a mod to replace the RIOT vehicle, I keep having issues were the vehicle will flip when I turn the vehicle.

    I install them all correctly and I cannot figure out why this happens..

    I've tried changing the handling to many different vehicles such as the POLICET and the INSURGENT, FIRETRUCK etc to see if this would solve the turning issue, but this gave me no luck.

    I've added different carvariations for the RIOT vehicles but this doesn't seem to help either, and I wouldn't expect this to.

    I've even added RIOT to the handling file but this also doesn't fix it.

    I only seem to have this issue when adding a vehicle to the RIOT slot.

    I really want to replace the RIOT vehicle with a British public order van however this is impossible because of this issue. Also npcs cannot control the vehicle and always end up flipping over.

    Any ideas on how I can solve this?


  • When I use that tool to load in the handling.meta file it fixes the handling issue for the RIOT slot.
    But if I then add that working handling to the handling.meta file using OpenIV, it doesn't work. It's like the handling never gets updated for the vehicle.

  • Never mind my bad I was editing the handling.meta via the MODDING dlc and I saw one of albos videos which states that default vehicles have to be edited through the real handling.meta file.


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