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Simple Trainer problem

  • Hey guys,

    I hope someone here can help me out. So, I have a problem with 'Simple Trainer'. Basically the game crashes after 30-40 minutes.
    Of course I use the trainer very often. For example, I spwan bodyguards, cars and so on. But a few days ago the game crashed after I used the trainer. But it's not like I spwan a car or whatever and the game crashes instantly. It's more like I work with the trainer and, as I said, the game crashes after 30-40 minutes. So I tried not to use the trainer and who would've thought, the game didn't crashed.
    But I want the trainer so badly. It's the best mod for gta 5.
    I know I don't give you guys enough informations so that you can help me, but maybe someone has an idea.


    This is best reported to the author, @sjaak327. Do this on his mod page with a mention or something to grab his attention.

    Also, error codes (if any) and logs are always appreciated. Just curious - does GTA5.exe crash, or does ScriptHookV indicate TrainerV.asi crashing?


    The trainer can probably crash without the game CTD'ing.
    Most likely the game runs out of memory from spawning stuff?

  • @ikt Thank you for your quick response.

    Do you mean I should post my problem in the comment section?

    I'm not an expert in this stuff, but I think GTA5.exe crashes. In which log file can I find the error?

  • @ReNNie What is 'CTD'? (Sorry, I'm not an expert in this stuff.)

    I hardly think that my game runs out of memory, because my pc is not so bad. (i5, GTX 1050 Ti, 16GB RAM)


    @The-Beast-105 Crash To Desktop

    That game runs out of memory (if that's the problem) is not because of your specs but because of the way the game handles the memory.

  • @ReNNie Could it be that my graphic settings are too high?

  • I fixed the issue. I just reinstalled RPH and simple trainer.

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