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I don't get the point of trainers...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @eshenk What's up with you buddy? I know you as a reasonable person. Has your account been hacked? Is that really you? Stupid question. If you are not eshenk you would lie to me now. So I just move on and keep wondering about this thread.

  • Ich bin vernünftiger Freund. Vertrauen Sie mir, wenn ich und Sie in einer Bar über ein paar Drinks trafen, würden Sie schnell sehen, dass ich reichlich vernünftig bin, LOL.

  • @eshenk Sure ur condescending but ur work is quality look u could be @icebox84 talk more shit then a plumber an not have a single mod worth a fuck lmaoooo

  • @kinghippo2000 You know it's funny because I have never released a single mod because I ain't no good lol, but I don't go around belittling everything I disagree with or think isn't worthy of being on this site. I tend to just move on because I've discovered that it's much better to walk on by rather than piss someone off. I just don't understand why @eshenk thinks he's leagues above everybody just for doing some texture mods and loves to tell other's just how good his stuff is and how crap there's is. If he stopped with the stupid ass comments then perhaps more people would take him seriously but as it is I'm just pissed off whenever I go to help someone out and there's he is with his unhelpful shitty comments.
    Maybe he should stop visiting this forum when he's drunk or high lol

  • @eshenk can be a troll at times when it comes to other peoples threads plain and simple....
    We all have been letting it slide...but not anymore we are going to treat him as such and start reporting posts.

  • @krissboo lol i know ur good dawg im half ass trolling icebox cause he loves this kind of shit. i dont think its cool to talk down on anyones work ive never rated less than 5 stars to anybody wether i liked them or not and if i dont like mod i move on. this is supposed to be community. all cultural disagreements aside offer suggestions and help rather than a put down( thats an in general statement not directed at you im saying like how i see it/should be)

  • @kinghippo2000 Yeah totally with ya there bro. And I wasn't thinking you were aiming your shit at me lol. Just tagged you up cause your comment made me laugh ;)
    And yeah your right about this being a community where everyone should be helping each other out and not dissing mods just because they don't like it or it's a simple retexture - everybody gotta start somewhere.

  • @rastakilla @kinghippo2000 @Cyron43 I'm not sure @eshenk will ever learn that this is what we are all getting pissed over!!
    dude you really are special aren't you?


  • @krissboo already deleted lol

  • This whole thread in a nutshell: alt text

    Also, we need someone to screenshot this whole thread. This was the funniest thread ever!

    @Kwebbl said in I don't get the point of trainers...:

    @Spud ScripthookV is the base you need for proper GTA modding. It's needed for all scripts and used for the script to load your game from the mods folder. It is not just a childish script or anything like that.

    @Cerberuss said in I don't get the point of trainers...:

    @Kwebbl 0_1500982594767_eeee.png

    Best shit I ever read.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Dekurwinator said in I don't get the point of trainers...:

    for me its like -> if your english not good then (video here)
    And with no offence to anybody :)

    Gho howm, yer jerunk.

  • someone plz tell me wut he said

  • @Dekurwinator That just made my day :)

  • I agreed, you need to Go play Titanfall2.

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