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[GIMS Evo] Blending terrain textures.

  • Just want to first thank @3Doomer for making GIMS evo and his incredible programming skills that gave us the ability to make such awesome stuff with 3ds max.

    1. To start import your terrain model into 3ds max.
    2. Convert the default material to GTA type.
    3. Change the shader of the material to Terrain / terrain_cb_4lyr.
    4. Add your diffuse textures and corresponding bump textures (if you have bumps). Make sure the bumps correspond to the diffuse textures by their number (e.g. Diffues 1 & Bump 1 go together). NOTE: You don't need to have all 4 textures.
    5. Set the rest of the shader params to your liking. I like to turn my specular intensity to 0.
    6. Add a VertexPaint modifier to your mesh using the modifiers panel.
    7. Set the Channel to VertexIllum.
    8. A window should open that looks like this:
    9. Select the Vertex color display - shaded tab.
    10. In the Display Channel section left click and hold the box icon and drag your mouse over the VertexIllum icon.
    11. Use the color table below to paint your mesh (you can change the opacity and size of the brush using the number fields below the color field). Use the color field to select the color of your brush. (To begin painting click the paint brush button to toggle between paint mode and regular mode)
    • Black (0, 0, 0): Tex1
    • Blue (0, 0, 255): Tex2
    • Green (0, 255, 0): Tex3
    • Light Blue(0, 255, 255): Tex4
    1. Add a Game Mesh modifier to your mesh, and collision if you'd like.
    2. Export your model, and you're finished.

    Make sure your textures are embedded or use a texture dictionary.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Oops! Please move to tutorials @Global-Moderators
    EDIT: Thanks :D

  • Halo this is what i was looking for but i see i have a problem , it seems like when u change the diffrent vertex colors for the diffrent textures the game response to the vertex color being diffrent at lets your object glow at night because of the blue vertex color ect is there a way to blend terrein but not make the terrein glow at night ?

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak terrain glowing is due to vertex paint not illumination channel. Set nnormal chanel to red to get proper darkness at night

  • @Shaezbreizh Hi yeah i figured it out i see purple is the best tnx for replying by the way :]

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak you're welcome , you can pm me if you've other question ;)

  • @Shaezbreizh Hi there,

    Is there a way to make the textures visible on the object inside the 3ds max while painting the vertex colors? I'm still new to this so I'd like to see exactly where my textures are being painted and how I'm blending them without needing to export and check in the game every time.

    Thank you in advance!

  • @sollaholla Joining the party a bit late but thanks for this!

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