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Add on car tuning problems

  • Hello everyone I am having a problem from a while ago that when I add some new add on cars to the game then eighter that car or the cars that were already installed started having tuning problems. For eg:- recently I added a hyundai Santa fe add on then when I started the game my range rover sport's and mercedes gls 63's window tint were gone and every other tuning also gone. I read somewhere in the comments to drag the .rpf file instead of copying and I tried that too but nothing happened please tell me a solution.
    One thing more I saw a mod here that would tell the missing id's etc whatever you say to these things but I cant remember the name so please tell me the name of that mod too.

    Advance thanks to everyone who helps me in solving this problem 🙂


    That's because of conflicting mod kit ID's. There are only 255 available slots and the game already takes a massive chunk of that, leaving only a handful (20-25 or so?). There's no known viable workaround.

    This tool should show you which are used etc, but it's a manual process.

  • @ikt thanx man appreciate a lot for your help

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