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Trainer please read description

  • Hi after update for enchanced native trainer v34 its not compatible with menyoo mod menu, i really need both trainers in use. the version 28ENT Works well but it don't have options like version 34 can someone help me with this?

  • Version 33 supposedly works with Menyoo still. Otherwise just contact/mention the author on the mod page so they can fix this in a next update.

  • Best advice I can give is not use menyoo, it is poorly designed and has major flaws.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 More than likely because you either installed it wrong or you are using an older version. Menyoo is a working mod if you keep it updated.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 @krashadam You must have installed it wrong because I have zero bugs and menyoo is designed quite well. I use it for everything.

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