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A small issue

  • Not sure this really is an issue but when I reported a comment for "false advertising (free steam cards)" and like usually it "grayed out". But after I hit back button and went to a previous mod page in the same site and came back, the comment is back. It doesn't grey out even after hitting reload. My question is do those complaints get logged?
    I liked the link "back to the mod" in the download page for a mod and would like to have the same for this too.
    And perhaps add a feature to report (not blocking) users with a valid reason? Because some people are nothing but spammers commenting the same thing over and over again.

  • @Akila_Reigns Yep the reports get logged into the admin console for me to review. They're not greyed out when you return to the page, so it's not only on your end.

    As for reporting users, there's no need. Simply report their comment that you found and their profile will be reviewed as well. You can also just put in your report reason that you've seen similar spam from the same user and would like me to take an extra look.

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