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how to edit yft files?

  • Hello everyone I want to know how to edit Yft files . Like flags and walls there are textures in the yft files i need to edit it but i do not know how
    Please help me guys :sob:


  • @AG_MODS Here is how I do it.

    Put the texture toolkit on your desktop. Extract a .dds embedded in said .yft to your desktop. Edit the dds image. There is no way you can adjust mip-maps within the texture toolkit. What I then do is open a random .ytd file, drag the dds image into it, and then click properties so I can adjust the compression and mip-maps, Choose the highest level of mip-maps allowed based on the resolution of the image. Then export it to desktop, and then drag image into the opened yft using texture toolkit, and click "save". Drag yft into the respective rpf in openIV. Done.

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