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About mod Back To The Future

  • Hi is possible that for example if you go to past at example 12/3/2017 to 11/3/2017 and for example if on this time Sara have betrayed you , so you can go 1 minute before and kill the person before that he join to house with Sara ? With this method pratically you can see so all your movement that you have to do on this days and you can change any or help yourself so with this method i think need to record any match .. About if you go on future is hard to do but can overwork with all mod for eample ufo on air car future clothes different map and house same but positioned differently . Thanks you guys about future is more hard but on past is possible and you can more immerse yourself on the game .

  • This is one bad idea or don t understand my question ?

  • @cacaocaca I think we can safely file this one under the "don't understand my question" category for 500 points, LOL.


    Requests should go to the Requests sections by the way.

  • @eshenk NO is so hard understand you can go back on the time and for example if you go back 1 days ago and go in one part of the map where before you play you can see yourself 1 day ago for example If you was in a supermarket and killed everyone you can see it becouse you re back on the time i hope you understand it if you no understand other read up and maybe understand .


    It'd be some form of interactive replay. This is sort of possible with Scene Director although it works quite differently. In reality such amount of data for such an application of action replay wouldn't be realistic.

  • @ikt yes i mean so interaction so you can edit something you did before but did not want to . I know is much of data but for example someone create some script that just record 1 time for example 15 min ago afther the script look your save of 15 min ago and with mod back to future go on this part just on this part this mean you first need to record your part and afther go back to te future with car and can go just on this part where you have record :)

  • Oh no! When you meet yourself it will destroy the room-time continuum ^^ lol

  • Please answer just with good answer

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