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FIB Swat(Need ur help)

  • Hi guys

    I am currently working on an FIB swat model. Can anyone tell me what that black, circular, doughnut on the right is?


  • I get a feeling that that is a microphone. I'm not sure.

  • @J9090 Sadly it's not mentioned here
    i don't think it's a radio, maybe a bodycam or another thing, I noticed there was just a few members having this weird thing ..
    Do you know what is it guys? @Lundy @Yard1 @SkylineGTRFreak

  • Almost looks like a one-ear headset.

  • @GTATerminal You probably right , but I can't find a similar model , they use the radio on the back shoulder and expensive materials it looks big for a one ear headset.
    Or a "Voice box amplifier enables unimpeded communication" like said in their website but there is no picture with it .

  • It's a part of the headset, he is just not wearing it.

  • Welp... I did some parts of my model wrong... Thanks guys.

  • @GTATerminal I believe this is resolved.

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