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Is there any 3d modeler that make gta v mods for free ?

  • I saw some 3d modelers like FotTrotDelta and they make very good GTA V mods but I don't have money. Anyone knows a 3d modeler who makes GTA V vehicle request for free ?

  • @PIPAGames The only free mods you'll really find are the ones that are uploaded here or on other sites. Modding and Modelling are extremely time consuming(depending on the model it could take upwards of 50 hours to complete). You will be extremely lucky to find anyone who will do such work without any form of payment.

  • @jspeed I see thx for answering

  • @PIPAGames 3ds max student version with GIMS EVO plugin is what all modelers use (aside from vehicles thats not free)

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