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Police Cars tend to flip over when turning


    -Mods Installed-
    Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement
    Realistic Dispatch Mod
    CHP Monaco
    Faster AI Drivers [Formerly]
    Hollywood Rollovers [Formerly]

    The only thing I probably know about what's going on is that it was probably the Hollywood Rollovers Mod. I got the idea when I was being chased by cops, they would have a tendency to flip over as displayed in the video, but then they would explode nearly after the complete flip, which is explained in the Hollywood Rollovers Mod. The cars would have a chance to explode when doing a rollover. I don't know what else could be causing it.

  • @Falosaur There's probably a few parts of the rollovers mod that you might have missed.

    Did you install any handling mods?

  • I don't think so, but here are some of the files I've installed for the police

    also forgot to mention that the police cars are a lot weaker too

  • ???

  • I may have solved my problem for now, all I did was replace some of the handling in the vehicles.meta with the sultan and now they turn perfectly fine.

  • @Falosaur when you replace a vehicle you must update its handling.meta and vehicles.meta file with the new info from that vehicle.

  • Yes, thanks, I will keep that in mind.

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