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[Map] [GTA3] Whole GTA 3 Map with enhancements

  • It'd be cool if we could have the whole GTA 3 map with nice HQ textures and actual 3D trees and buildings (normal maps would work fine for the 3D effects on the HQ windows.

    And the train tracks would have to be enhanced a little too, they look weird in their normal state. The train goes halfway off the track to make a turn.

    Good luck to whoever can make the old Liberty City look almost next-gen!

  • @krashadam G they don't know nothin about that GTA 3 . That is a Top 3 GTA TBH.

  • @WuTangModz ???

  • @krashadam Grand Theft auto 3 is a Classic. lol

  • @WuTangModz But you just said "they don't know nothing about that GTA 3.", so I got confused a little.

    But do you really think there should be an HD GTA 3 Liberty City? I mean, we had Vice City Remastered.

  • @krashadam lmao bro thats just a saying like saying they not hip.. I can't explain it lol

    And Yes, I had/have that game on ps2, ps3 and now ps4 lmao and my Iphone. I would love a HD GTA 3 shit whether its a map or a full game doesn't matter to me, although lets be honest there wasn't alot to the map. I think it was just Chinatown/Brooklyn and Manhattan and the Airport and `Staten Island was basically it right?

  • Did they even finish San Andreas HD Map???

  • @WuTangModz Yeah, but despite how small it is I'd like to see it in HD. Mainly because the whole map looks ghetto, and GTA 3's Liberty City can look SUPER ghetto when it's HD. The skyline of old rundown buildings for me is paradise.

  • Bump.

  • @krashadam psst, bro. Join this discord ;) https://discord.gg/FZkxq6a I have to ask something via there

  • @Derpy-Canadian I have an account here already...
    what's wrong with doing it here? And why did you resurrect an old thread?

  • @krashadam Because its a private message I dont need R* seeing...

  • @krashadam you'll like it trust me :)

  • @Derpy-Canadian Dude, there's the option of private chatting, we have it here.

    But then again, the fact you don't want Rockstar seeing this makes me think you're handing me GTAO cheats and shit. If so, I don't want it. I don't really care for GTAO as is, so...

  • @krashadam xD no, I will just admit it here, GTA3 map has been converted by me. reason I dont want rockstar to know is C&D, we are just gonna possibly move the GTA 3 map then do some finishing stuff but still it works 100% with all zones right now.. thing is you gotta join the discord to download it as I am NOT publicly releasing yet

  • @Derpy-Canadian You could try and hide that with the assets from the Dark Edition mod for GTA3...

    (oh, btw, we have a chat feature here, see the little bubble? in the corner??)

  • @krashadam forgot about it haha

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