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[VEHICLE] Ford Explorer Sport 2017 and Ford F-150 Platinum 2017

  • If anyone could make a highly detailed Ford Explorer Sport 2017 and or a Ford F-150 Platinum 2017 or 18 that would be pretty cool.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @sammywammy125 if you ready to pay for models creation I can make it, here i made 2018 ford excursion for one guy

  • @lazlow555 How much around do you think it'd be for the explorer ($CAD)

  • @sammywammy125 hi,

    On the topic i have this 3d model and i can rig it for gta 5 in 40$ donation. With interior and everything HQ. Let me know if it interests you. It is however 2016 model.


  • @FoxtrotDelta I see your Patreon pricing and your "donations" requests, you are ABUSING of the people. You get models for annual subcription in world hosts archives and never buy anything in HUM3D or Turbosquid sites in real prices. This is a shame man, you not have excuse to say about "time expended" in a mod, you not are a modeller, not a pro CGI artist, just a simple modder with mid level of quality and skills. Really you are a disappointment man, be aware about your money requests, this is not Fort Nox.

  • @MetaGTA hmm, may be you are correct may be you are not. but most of the time. clients buy 3d models from hum3d turbosquid.com squir etc and give them to me for conversion . you don't have to be abusive about it if you don't have money or can't afford it. if you simply don't like the offer of me making a mod for you. you can out right say no thank you.

    also do you expect me me ask 10$ donation from a person i make mod for? using a 95$ 3d model and 12 days of my Time and hard work? 12 days! of work and just 10$ what are you smoking fellow? i do understand if i had 6 patrons and all of them wanted the mod i could divide that mod like 10$ each but my patrons donate to me via patreon for VIP exclusive mods, that i make exclusively for them. the ones made for 2 or more patrons always share the price :P i don't really think you know much about mod creation do you?

    p.s i have 500 GB data of 3d models 40% of them purchased buy me, my friends or my clients. if you don't like my patreon prices feel free not to visit it :) i decide the price for my time, even if i am an enter level mod creator and just a model rigger.

    if i were a model creator like @lazlow555 i would most indefintely charge above 80$ cuz that takes time. i most of the time buy models and rig them for gta 5, that saves me time and the Mod gets ready in shorter amount of time .

    if you don't like it my friend. Don't donate . i leave this offer for any Mod requests on this website and a number of others.
    if people like my time, they could pay 40 to 45$ for top notch mod HQ. if they want lower quality mod they can pay less. it's an option for every one. i understand some people like can't afford it. for many different reasons. being students. personal preferences. points of view etc. but that bull crap doesn't concern me. i take up a mod if there is a donation involved and i work on it with my time and efforts.

    unless i am really interested in a mod i seldom do free ones for other people. :) out of my 50 mods uptil now only 8 have been paid mods. that tells a story too :)

    in the end Don't be abusive to other people an advise not a threat. will do wonder for you here in this community.

    Edit: just noticed this world host archieves? annual subscription wait what? is there such a thing? it could be pretty useful if there is. all mod creators know that would be a Gold mine. could you please explain more? do you have this subscription ? how do we mod developers get that? is it cheap or ?? Thanks for the info in advance i didn't know it existed i will try to google and find out for myself too in the mean while till you reply :slight_smile:

  • @FoxtrotDelta I'm not really trying to spend more than $10 is there any way that you could like ask your patrons or followers if they'd also help pitch in?

  • @sammywammy125 Like if they'd also be interested in getting a hold of one

  • @sammywammy125 most of my patrons are on 5 mods.com as well. I will ask them sure, on patreon as well no problem.

    But then again u might be in a hurry i am piled up with donation mods and people have beem waiting for a long tims. Kudos to them they are very patient and understanding people.

    I will let u know if someone agrees to pitch in , plus this topic can also be used for mass financing . people can let us know here as a community if they are willing :) thats why these forums exist :) i will let u know if someone comes along and lets keep watching this topic

  • Ok thanks

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