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Next Wip [69GTO Judge or 51Fx Holden ]

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    Anyone prefer one over the other, both are working models just textures and collisions need work?
    Holden is very high detail GTO is detailed too but not as much.

  • Honestly, I avoid the poll and say that both seem like great choices. Besides, we need to step up the variety of car mods here. For me, every time I go into the vehicles section for mods, it feels like the same mods get reuploaded (I'm well aware that the mods section has (for reasons unknown probably is a strange reason, but don't take my word for it.) lost its ability to show recent uploads/updates to mods.) and I yawn at the choices of mods.

    I have no beef with ANY mod creators here, but the list consists of modern assets and almost never any vintage assets (like 1990s vintage.)

    I insist you do both of them. They both seem like fantastic choices.

    Though can there be a pic with that busted up car in normal condition (I mean fixed.) And I'm guessing the little car is the Holden?

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    all will be soon just figured id ask if there was one people wanted more. Yes i believe more variety is needed aswell.

  • They all look very good! That Gremlin! Can't wait for these.

  • @flynhigh09 (gets heart attack after seeing three beautiful cars)

    These cars are beautiful cars!!!

  • I'm going to stick my 2 cents in here and say that the GTO should be done first (Totally not bias to Pontiacs even though I've worked on the model of 1965 Catalina within the past month)

    On a serious note, they all should be done at one point and I personally do think that the GTO should be done first just sheerly because of the fact that 1969 Pontiac GTO is a badass car

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    How she looks right now taillights need fixed all else is going good too many textures on these models..

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    Heres all my upcoming vehicles all working just need tweaking to the models colissions and textures my fav.

  • I'm having a light issues ive tried switching shaders tried restaring but its always the same they work they are just dull. Anyone care to test n see what looks like for them i only have yft file i could throw together a replace/addon but not trying to yet. just want to see if im only one or maybe some knows issue, headlights work its same process ive done for my other cars as well.

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