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[Tool] [Script] Mission/Heist/Race Creator with export to FiveM

  • FiveM seems to be lacking any easy way a add missions or races without knowing how to code. Couldn't someone come up with an automated way to build a mission or race with something like "build a mission" in game and then have it export it to a file that would work in FiveM?

    One way i think it would work would be to have a template that FiveM understands is a script for this,then when your building your race or mission in game and when your finished it converts,or fills in the blanks in the template and saves it, then you can add it into your FiveM server.

    Placing objects may cause issues, because they would have to despawn after a mission is completed,or not allowed or something,other wise the server would get junked up, or interfere with other players online that wouldn't be involved in the mission.

    This would be a big deal in the community,people could share and add others missions etc easily,and be a part of the creativity too. Anyone who can use this wouldn't have to spend years learning code.


    The scripts are written for servers and are usually in LUA. It should not be harder than in C# for SHVDN, though I don't have personal experience. You can't just convert scripts though, so some degree of re-writing would be needed.

  • So if the script needs to be written in LUA, then the template would be too. The mission builder would output what ever variables is need to complete the template into a full script.

    Example, pre-code/functions/callbacks or whatever is on the template,it is set up with whatever basics are needed,all that is missing is the ingame cords,waypoints,objects etc. once your done building your mission, you hit save and it fills in the cords,waypoints etc.

    the whole point of this is, people who have no idea how to code,don't have time to learn or just for faster development of missions would find this tool useful and easier.

  • the latest fiveM can use c#

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