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Texture issues/ how to get my imported textures to show up in ydr file?

  • Hi Guys, hopefully someone can help me. I have put my own textures on clothes and some billboards in the past with no problems but now I'm trying to add my own billboard and outside posters to the Vanilla Unicorn and have run into some problems.

    I believe i found all the correct file locations and i modified the ytd billboards and poster files (x64k.rpf\levels\gta5_citye\scentral_01\sc1_04.rpf\ ), and they appear to have saved correctly when i go back and click on them. But when i click on the ydr file that shows the 3d model of the outside of the building it still has the old billboards and posters.

    All the ytd files i modified i kept at the same resolution so i just don't know what i'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :cry:

  • I also forgot to mention in the ydr file when i click on embedded textures it shows the original files, is there a way i can import my textures, all i see is the option to export the originals?



    Have you clicked the "edit" button on the top right-hand side of your OpenIV window?

  • @DarthPungz yes. just can't get my changes made to the ytd files to show up in the ydr files or the game and i am working in the mods folder.


    @80gunz how big are the the textures that you are adding?

    Often when working with big skin textures I figured d that OpenIV will seem as though it has frozen or even say not responding but if I give it time it will complete the save task.


    My bet is the textures are stored inside the ydr itself. Have you tried exporting the content using OpenFormats?

  • @DarthPungz i am keeping them at the same size as the originals which are not that big because it is just billboards and posters i am trying to change. I read somewhere keeping the file sizes and resolution the same is the best thing to do to avoid problems but i could be wrong.

  • @80gunz @ReNNie is right. There are some textures embedded in certain .ydrs that's most likely it

  • @ReNNie I am somewhat of a noob and am not familiar! with openformats. well it looks like now the textures are loading when i am far away in game but when i get close they revert to the originals which is weird because i edited both the lod and hidr.ytd files.
    i was able to export the embedded files when i clicked on the ydr file but there was not an option to import files in the same window, i am in edit mode btw. alt text
    Once i exported the embedded textures it put them in a folder, from that folder i am now changing the files i want to modify, not sure how to import them into the ydr file when im done tho. alt text

  • @westcoastsosa how would one edit and replace those embedded textures?

  • @westcoastsosa thanks i will give it a try

  • @westcoastsosa thanks, with the texture toolkit i was able to modify the ydr files and import them into openiv :clap_tone2:

  • @80gunz Sure thing bro

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