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Mods Folder

  • Can you copy the mods folder and place it somewhere so you none of your mods are deleted? This isnt for online, I would like to do a zombie survival mod but I dont want to lose my mass abundance of car mods. But I also dont want them both together

  • @The-Taco-Po-Po What you can do is rename your old mods folder to "modsOLD" like this:
    0_1501314454466_Screenshot (4).jpg

    That way you can have multiple mods folders, each with different mods.

  • @Spud Im guessing then if you want to go back you just sort of switch names and youre back on the original mods folder?

  • @The-Taco-Po-Po Yes, exactly. You can rename the different mods folder to something like "mods01", "mods02" & "mods03" as well, then when you want to use one, rename it back to "mods".

  • @Spud Thank you so much!

  • @The-Taco-Po-Po No problem. Just mark your post as now solved :)

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