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Suggestion for a rating.

  • Now ratings are more "I DON'T LIEK IDEA SO TAKE 1 STAR".
    Make it so you can rate only after you downloaded file and ~5-10 min timer has gone after download.

  • @Nexerade But what if people just want to ask something about the mod ? They would need to download it ? Enjoy the broken downloads counts

  • @baba0rum You can ask and comment whenever you want. I'm talknig abpout star ratings.

  • true @Nexerade I agree with ya! Also there should be changeable rating i suppose :)

  • @Rugz007 The rating is already changeable :slight_smile:

    @Nexerade I've had this request a few times, though the "5-10 minutes" thing is a new one. You know how many complaints I'd get making people wait that long? :laughing: I already get complaints from the 3 minute wait for commenting, no way anybody can wait 5 minutes these days, that's an eternity! Anyway, I don't think limiting ratings to downloaded mods will do much good, as people can just click download then make their comment same as before. I also don't keep constant track of user downloads otherwise my database would be humongous. I've said it many times - if somebody gives a rating without providing feedback, just report the comment and it will be dealt with if it violates the community guidelines. Thanks

  • @rappo lol didnt notice this xD

  • @Nexerade Oh yeah you're right. Miss understand

  • @rappo I see. As variant it could be a cliend sided thing. I don't think someone would make a addon for browser for just people who want to rate file, lol. Anyways, I see your position and understand it. I jsut didn't known this, I'm sure you know better what and how. :3

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