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ENBSeries Invisible car bug [HELP]

  • Hey guys so the problem here is when i install any kind of enbseries the cars has no body (tires only) i searched the whole internet for a solution but didn't find one. I hope someone get a fix for this :(
    (sorry for my bad english)
    Tried uninstalling and installing again but it didn't fix the problem. I guess there's something that needs to be configured in the enbseries ini's but i can't figure out it.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Bug: http://imgur.com/JkUfXHM))


    The official readme indicates the following:

    Added high quality antialiasing for vehicles as new parameter in enblocal.ini and it's
    require msaa to be enabled in game video options. Fixed bug with midnight time of the
    day reading.
    Set game video options to DirectX11 mode. Also mod is tested for almost maxed graphics
    setting, so it may fail to work properly otherwise.
    Do not run the game in online mode with ENBSeries installed, i'm not sure if you will
    be banned or not.
    If game crashing or work not as expected, make sure you are not running XFire, Afterburner,
    EVGA, other kind of tools and overlays (crapware). Antiviruses and various fake boosters
    also affect mod wrong way. NVidia GeForce Experience can produce issues with the mod,
    same with Steam Overlay enabled in-game.

    So, are you running the highest settings, or at least in Dx11 mode? From your screenshot it looks like you're running at lower settings/resolutions, so probably sort that out first before modding things. You really should start at a stable base before slapping on mods :p

  • Hey and thanks for the reply,
    I am running on Med-high settings (1366x768 native resolution) with no lag at all. switching between dx10,10.1,11 didn't fix the problem.
    P.S. the problem is solved when i delete d3d11.dll but the enbseries don't load in-game... I tried installing the game from the begging but the problem still persists.
    I used VisualV and Redux but both are having the same problem.
    The Reshade only works for me so the problem is in the ENB.

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