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How to update a mods without it being put online?

  • Hello here it is that I have already tried to update my mods to change its version and therefore to change the file but I can not. Every time I update my mods, it must be seen by an administrator, as if I had just put it online. Yet, I succeeded twice without doing it on purpose and so I would like to know how to do it.
    Thank you very much for reading and I thank in advance the people who will give me a possible answer.


    @AEDERY16 Every update has to be approved by a moderator before it will be visible to the public.

  • @AEDERY16 I can tell you why you succeeded.

    Because your mod was accepted by an admin/mod. No other way.

  • Oh ok ! It seemed to me that it was done in the twinkling of an eye but good. Especially since there was no new update in the trick at the bottom left and it changed my file well without going through an administrator. I have probably been buggy or the administrators could see this in a flash? In any case I thank you for having answered me!

  • @AEDERY16 Our new admin was allowing self-approving mods. I'm not sure what happened to it long after. Doesn't seem like it's taken effect.

  • @krashadam That's not true. He talked about the possibility of it, but never said it was put into place (and it never was).

  • @Jitnaught "Our new admin was allowing self-approving mods."

    WAS, does not make me a liar. I mean I made a minor mistake in how I saw information, the least I can be told is just the last bit. ("He talked about the possibility of it, but never went into place.")

    I mean I don't mean to sound all self-centered here, but it just feels like a punch in the stomach on my end. :s

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