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The Cops Won't Spawn In The Countryside!!

  • I've installed quite a few added cop models into my game and they seem to do just fine spawning in the city at five stars, but in the countryside, only the SWAT vehicles, the roadblocks, and the choppers will spawn!!!!!! In my dispatch.meta file, I have the police automobile section set for 22 peds to spawn and 8 peds for the SWAT automobile section at five stars. The vehicle sets in the police automobile section never spawn at five stars!!!!! Again, only the SWAT SUVs, the roadblocks, and the choppers spawn!! Please help me!!

  • @Free-Cdai By default they won't. You have to make edits to popcycle to allow for this. Just make the edits to the line "PercCopCars".

  • That's not what I meant, bro. I'm talking about when I reach five star wanted level. The vehicle sets under the section "DT_PoliceAutomobile" in dispatch.meta don't spawn at five stars wanted level in the countryside. THIS GLITCH IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!

  • @Free-Cdai Can you show me the full code from the popgroups file? I might know the issue and I want to see the code for any grammatical errors (it's obviously been altered in a bad way.)

  • @krashadam Yes, I will show you my popgroups.ymt file as well as my dispatch.meta file. Now, bare in mind, everything still spawns in just fine in the city at five stars, just not in the country. I'll show you those two files tomorrow. : )

  • @Free-Cdai Had the same bug once when experimenting with dispatch.meta.
    If you're adding too many entries the game won't be able to spawn all of the units listed in dispatch.meta.
    Removing some of the stuff you've set to spawn at five stars will probably be the only workaround.
    Also, I suppose you're using Dispatch 'Ghost' Fix by Bilago?

  • @prince_linus Yes, as a matter of fact, I am using dispatchghostfix and I just recently took out one of the vehicle sets and just added what I had in that one to another set; it fixed the issue.

  • @Free-Cdai Glad too hear that.
    BTW, what's the file size of your dispatch.meta?
    Looks like the hard limit is somewhere around 25 B for me. Just being curious.

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