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Simple Zombies Not Working F10 Problem, Need Help.

  • My F10 key for the Simple Zombies mod won't work. I read a thing saying that it sometimes wouldnt work with keyboarrds where you have to hold FN+F10, but the FN+F4 worked fine, and F4 is the native mod helper which i also cant navigate. but the main problem is the F10. I've triple checked the files, and they're all in the right place.


    1. Is ScriptHookVDotNet installed and working properly? Show us ScriptHookVDotNet2.log
    2. What kind of keyboard are you using? Laptop? Desktop? TKL? 60%? ErgoDox Split? We don't know how your keyboard looks like and what the F-keys are hidden behind, if at all.

    Please (roughly) follow the format in the pinned topic on how to ask for help. It's getting tiresome needing to ask this every single time.

  • @ikt I dont know them fancy terms. But my for my F keys I have to hold FN. But the FN+F4 to open the Native Mod Menu works, so I don't know why F10 wont work. earlier I found it was connected to a GTA V btutton so I changed the control, and it still doesnt work. The only thing wrong with the files is that I cant find the .ini file.


    Are you even reading the post?

    Is ScriptHookVDotNet installed and working properly? Show us ScriptHookVDotNet2.log

  • @ikt i'm having the same problem. i think i installed it properly but i dont see a .log file. So my gues would be it is not properly installed or am i just blind ?

  • Just place the native UI scipt in the scipt folder with the simple zombies mod, it should work.

  • Simple zombies isn't working for me. When I do the steps correctly GTA gets stuck on the loading screen. When I take out something for dotnet GTA loads but the menu doesn't come up with any keys. Can someone help me go step by step through the process?

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