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Game not saving my money.

  • hello. so im new to modding and i have previously played gta and completed it on my ps4 so since i didnt want to replay the story on my pc i just downloaded someones completed data. now i have $15,000 on franklin and anytime i play the game and work and get money i loose the money even when i save the game beofre exiting. but my cars i buy from Premium Deluxe are still saved at my apartment (Single Player Apartment mod). can any one help me with why my money doesnt save and still brings me back to $15,000 everytime i start the game.

  • @sh3rman laucn as admin and retry ?

  • @sh3rman Try taking out the save n put it on your desktop and then launch GTA. Make some money, even tho you'll be at the beginning, save , exit and then come back. If that works , the save your using might be corrupted

  • thanks yall for your reply and suggestions. i tired what both of u said and none worked. i deleted the saved data and even made me play the prologue again and the save it after . came back again to story mode and i still have 15000$ even though i had 332$ after playing the prologue. i also tried running the game as admin and it still didnt work. someone please help.

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