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Need help with converting a Driver San Fransisco model to V

  • I wan't to do my first convert to V I have a model from Driver San Fransisco(Hummer H3) in .obj format. Please send a message to help me or contact me with Discord: https://discord.gg/X5ghDFr

  • If that is all right know, then I would like to remind You, that this is not something, which I or anybody else can teach you in 1 evening. If you want any real "free" help, then start exploring zModeler3, do that for a few weeks (I think Iearned the basics in that time) and even then you really have to select, what to ask and what not. Converting a vehicle is a complex process consisting of many different tasks (I sort of mean mathematical, graphical tasks, basic knowledge of vehicles and maybe most important - you have to understand RAGE engine a bit, so you won´t end up with a pile of errors and cried eyes.

    ...but it doesn´t mean that you couldn´t convert a vehicle fully on your own. I also started from zero and I know it is possible...

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