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[WIP][MAP][MISSIONS] Tomb Seeker

  • Tomb Seeker - Coming Soon!

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    Overview: On a search for a hidden treasure, climb mountains and fight your way through the vast treacherous tombs.

    Story: Play mission based story chapters, built using the Build A Mission mod. Your story character will give you hints along the way. Kill enemies and discover a new island North of Paleto Bay.

    Map: Using the power of Map Editor, Map Builder CE, and a few other tools, discover a new unmarked island North of Paleto Bay. On the island you will explore tombs, caves, and forests. You will also climb your way up mountains and hills.

    Requirements: As long as the following requirements work, you should have no problem loading maps and missions.

    • OpenIV
    • ScriptHook V
    • ScriptHook V .NET
    • Map Builder CE
    • Map Editor
    • Build A Mission

    One Man Army: As many of you already know, I'm working alone on most of my mods. It takes time to accomplish the goals that I have. I thank you for your patience and support. Without you this wouldn't be possible.

    Early Access Beta: As a token of my appreciation, I'll be releasing the Beta for Tomb Seeker this Friday to ALL patrons! Please note that this is still in Early Development. The full development will be available soon.

    Click Here To See Patreon Page - https://www.patreon.com/omegakingmods

  • Early Access Beta Available Now

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