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Add-On cars don't work except one

  • So I recently wiped reinstalled my game and doing a fresh start in installing mods. However, I haven't played for like half a year so I'm getting some issues.

    The problem seems to be that only one of my add-on cars seems to be loading into the game. I've only installed 3 so far, so it shouldn't be a problem, but one car loads into the game perfectly, while the other 2 the game can't seem to find. When I type their spawn name in, my trainer tells me that the model could not be found.

    The car that spawns is the Centenario by vans123, while the cars I'm having issue with are the Ferrari 812 by Gta5KoRn and the Vanquish by YCA. I'm pretty sure I've installed correctly- the dlclist.xml file has the proper format, and the rpf files and folders are all in the correct place. In fact, I've used the exact same procedure to install all of them, but only one works it seems. The trainer I am using is the enhanced native trainer, and the only other mods I am using are Visualv and NaturalVision

    This is all on a fresh GTA5 reinstall, so there should be no conflicts with older mods.

    I feel like I'm missing something extremely obvious, so any help would be appreciated!

  • @chaosbug45 get a gameconfig file

  • @chaosbug45 Apparently Rockstar have updated some of their models in the patchdays, which I think is what's causing the problem. I have the exact same issue as you! I think the addons use shared data from vanilla models so maybe that's the cause :-(

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