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How can I add tattoo textures to Michael, Trevor, and Franklin?

  • I tried adding some tattoos to Franklin after I located the face textures
    I went to x64v.rpf // models // cdimages// streampeds_players.rpf and found head_diff_000_a_bla.ytd
    After adding some images via paint.net and changing the image to .dds and making sure it was the same resolution; I started up the game and saw that half of Franklin's face was white, and he had two face textures, one on the side of his face and one regular, if that makes sense.

    Tl;dr How can I correctly add tattoos (and change images) to character and item textures and not completely fuck it up?
    This is my first time modding, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. :dizzy_face:

  • You want to add a tattoo on players's forehead right ?
    Just add the tattoo with alpha or cut the design you want to add. Export the modified face with the same propeties as the original and that's it.

    It should be easy. I started the same way

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