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GTA San Model 2003 Skoda Octavia

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    Is there anyone who can make this old file suitable for GTA5 for me, please?
    I've been struggling for days


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Take your bad attitude somewhere else, no one's doing a 20 hour conversion for free for you.

  • 20 hour ? :) lol

  • @frkndgnr Yes 20 hours or more is how long it will take to convert a car to GTA V. If you want to find out for sure go and try to convert it yourself.

  • @frkndgnr 20 hours and you are laughing? You have absolutely no idea of what converting a car means, son...

    I would easily say 40h instead of 20h, proper UV-mapping itself takes maybe 20h...

  • @frkndgnr he is being Modest he said 20 hours. it takes me atleast 30 Hours to Rig a vehicle Model for gta 5, depends on the details you are putting in a car. converting a car is not a magical job . Its Called Model Rigging and it takes alot of Knowledge , Patience and Time. but i guess since that Skoda octavia 2003 is an old model that's why @jspeed said 20 hours as it lacks details and is pretty outdated model.

    not to mention here @frkndgnr you will need proper Permissions from san andrease mod author or this mod will be taken down, unless you know which original Model that author Used to Rigg it for gta san Andreas. i would adivse using a Model that is Recent and doesn't involve anyone else's Copy rights . just an Advise.

  • @HRH Well 10 years of GTA modding experience says differently. Maybe I work faster than you do. I did a UV map of a bodyshell in a couple of hours about 2 days ago. It doesn't need to be a lengthy process if you think about the smartest and quickest way to do it. Usually tends to be planar or viewport projection mapping with a bit of stitching and editing to make better use of the UV canvas.

    I know for a fact this particular car wouldn't take 40 hours to convert. GTA SA Models already have dummies which can easily be converted to work with GTA V. Hierarchy edits would also be simple between SA to V. You can remodel a COL from existing GTA cars or model COLs just as quick. Texture and materials wouldn't take long either as the only real job would be applying GTA V material shaders in zmodeler and small edits to account for the difference between GTA SA's Renderware engine and the GTA V RAGE Engine and bump/spec maps if you choose to use them.

    I think maybe you are the one that doesn't have an idea of converting "son"

  • @jspeed Judging by your answer, we are definately on different frequencies. On one hand, you are absolutely correct, this model is plain and simple LQ and therefore mapping saves a lot of time, because there are not many materials(and textures, in general). On the other hand, I don´t need 10 years of experience to understand, that you are too much illustrating the picture, it may not be that hard to successfully convert a vehicle, but it definately needs a LOT of more time to convert any good model AND to make ALL the features work correctly (=complete mod). 40h needs very good motivation to do it in a row, not to mention your 20h(which was more for the Octavia, I understand). On the third hand, I work very differently from you, I basically don´t do anything, as you described, I do it much more from scratch. I always undergo all the geometry and try to fix the most visible bugs (in 10 years, You should know, how much time goes for only searching and zooming throughout the car), I don´t use GTASA dummies (or anything other from SA), I use the vanilla ones, which I reconfigure, I ALWAYS map the cars from scratch (just to do it the way I like), which always means creating all new materials any time. At this point I end, because I really think once more, that 40h is a fast time to convert decent models into complete(!) mods.

    v0.01a beta versions often make me sick on this site, that is why I really haven´t had anything to show, yet (my mods are still betas by my spoilt-standards).

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