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Scripthook V mods dont work ...ASI Files dont load ...RageHook doesnt work

  • Hello.I wanted to do mods but well i simply cant i have all the tools and I'm on Windows 10 i have all the required tools updated game files and anything that is needed for modding but my scripthook v doesnt even generate a log file and i cant make the menus or the actions show up by pressing their hotkey like F4 Please help

  • do you have the required Micrsoft Visual C++ files that some if not all scripthook, scripthook.net and RAGE pluginhook needs to be able to work right?
    I have Windows 10 (had to rebuild it from the begining) and even though some of them are built into 10, I have had to download some of them to get the scripts ans stuff to work properly. take a look here: http://i.imgur.com/ePWpdMw.png

  • Thanks im gonna look into it

  • @pouriya-tajmehrabi Reinstall the last RPH it will verify if you have all the requirement at the fist launch

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