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GTA V on 2 hard drives.....

  • Perhaps its been asked. I have my copy of gta on my main drive (physical copy- not steam) Is it possible to take and copy it over to another drive (clean version- no mods) and play that in a serious manner and leaving the one on my main drive for modding? I just wanted one for serious playing and one for the other. I do realize or believe you can just turn off asi manager and run normal copy from openiv, but I dont want to have the saves interfere with one another. Leads me to my next question, if that would work, how do the saves work, if they are always going to the same save location? As an alternative, can I install it twice, but choosing separate locations for each. As a side not, I cant find a fricking solution to why some cars are disappearing after spawning from menyoo. I can get in the car but 2 secs later it disappears. It doesnt do that on all of them.

  • Not sure about your 2nd install question.

    but you need to download & install this to keep the new MP cars from disappearing

  • There's probably a way to have 2 installations if you don't already.

    Install GTA 5 on your computer. If it is already, this is done.

    Repeat the installation for GTA 5, but change the directory from the program files to your other hard drive (if it's connected.)

    But you'll have to find where the 2nd drive is located first before doing this.

    Then create a mods folder in the main directory of whichever GTA 5 you wish to mod. The main directory is called "Grand Theft Auto V" (durrp). A mods folder needs to be called, well... "mods". (without the commas obviously.)

    If you already understood the last bit, then ignore it.

    Hopefully it helped a little.

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