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[PLAYER] Guy Fawkes mask mod

  • guys! please help! i search this mod it says has no results found! thanks!

  • Probably because nobody has made the mod yet.

    And before anybody tells me otherwise, I'll just say right now, I've browsed many inches of this site and never came across said mod. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but as of now, nobody has made one.

    Unless anybody does know one, they should link it, but if it's not from here (which most good and rare mods are) make sure the site is mostly safe.

    (That's also a warning to @ryan900 when browsing GTA 5 mods sites other than this one. Unlike other sites, we here at GTA5-mods.com don't hide weird little shit to kill your PC. Other sites might do this, but we don't.)

    EDIT: Rarefacer found it but it wasn't under "guy fawkes", hence why I couldn't find it, so everything said above is false.

  • sorry guys! this mod doesn't exist!

  • @Rarefacer Oh, it wasn't under the Guy Fawkes name. Probably why I didn't' find it.

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