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xbox 360

  • Can anyone help me get my RP back on GTA 5 A modder took it i was a level 143 i cant even level up anymore....

  • @Tubbytrashpanda This page is really for PC only, best bet is to contact Rockstar and submit a ticket. They usually reply with a few days and they are totally cool, I'm ashamed to admit Iv'e taken advantage of them a few times. But yeah, tell them how, and if you ever were level 143 they would have it in a database even if you aren't right now.

  • @Tubbytrashpanda this website is only about modding in Solo. If you're searching for a cheat that give Rp you're at the wrong place since 5mods doesn't support online mod.
    The best you can do as said @TheLoneWolf293 is to Contact rockstar support on the official website and explain them the issue you encounter.


    @Tubbytrashpanda Locked, this site is for PC and singleplayer only. As mentioned before, please contact R* support.

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