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[MISC] [WIP] NFS:V Conversion (Currently working on NoS, your help is appreciated)

  • Hello guys, I want to share with you the idea to create a conversion from GTA to NFS gamestyle along with drags, sprints, circuits, pursuits, canyon duels (everything from NFS:U1 to NFS:Carbon), with cutscenes, storyline (maybe at last) and customization.

    I'm currently working on the nitro system and the concept is done, now I need to add every fx and the one which I'm currently trying to make is the bloom effect from the brakelights when you use the nos, like this:

    I saw someone did a NFS:SA total conversion and I asked him how he did that, he answered "it's a HLSL" (High Level Shader Language) that he used and triggered when the nos is being used.

    So I start asking for your help on doing this kind of effect!
    This is the Nitrous Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/nfs-nitro-mod-v1-beta-w-sounds


    Ps: this is a wip and a request at the same time, I don't know where to post it so I found this category to be the one describing it at all.

  • @lorizz12 this effect is actually seen when franklin's special ability is triggered,you might want to see if you can get that native working

  • @Elope done it, used veh_slipstream with a looped_on_entity_bone, meanwhile I'm modding the drag races, the concept is nearly done, I need to do pathfinding for autoturning and RPM check for overrev/perfect/good/short shifting


    Can someone help me on the gui problem, patching the automatic shift down and why I can't disable Left/Right vehicle controls? (VehicleMoveLeftOnly/RightOnly) Thanks!

  • @lorizz12

    Hello, great to see progress in the works.

    Personally, I do not like this screen effect when using nitro .. I hope you have the ability to enable / disable.

    I do not like it because it brightens the image and causes blinking ... in NFS the image was only slightly blurry and did not blink and did not brighten the screen.

    I would like it to look like this:

    From what I noticed, add a light effect from the rear of the car lamp. Cool!

    Is it possible to increase / strengthen / enlarge / extend the effect of the rear lights?

    If so it would be cool.

    There is also the issue of long fire from the exhaust pipes, it was good to shorten from 3/3 to 1/3 length.

    Regards ;)

  • @Remix The problem is that I actually didn't find a way to do that, but now that I saw a library called HLSL my jaw dropped and I THINK I can do that now :))
    It's called HLSL, the same used in NFS:SA :)

  • I asked help to the creator of NFS:SA on how to use the HLSL, but probably he wont help me, someone knows how to work with HLSL?

  • @lorizz12

    In my opinion, the LeeC2202 that made the modification of Ground Vehicle Effects for GTA V will have such skills. Maybe you can help?

    Here you can find his latest version of Ground Vehicle Effects v1.4.1 and other modifications:


    This is probably the email address for the contact:


  • @Remix I can do that too, but it's not simple as you think, he probably used the START_PARTICLE_FX_LOOPED_AT_COORDS native

  • Just progressing with the drag race:

  • @lorizz12 For the boost recovery, maybe integrate it with the Stunt Bonus V @kagikn as collaboration, since it would be cool to refill boost bar based on stunts and the rating of the stunt like in some NFS games.

    here is the link to the mod btw:

  • Update: I'm doing a private server and testing everything, but I'll be on a holiday for 1 week,
    also as @chang63 said, any collaboration is fine!

  • alt text

    Staged nitro next for V5, compatible also with ikt speedometer!
    alt text

  • Latest Update:

  • HUD Finished:

  • @lorizz12 said in [MISC] [WIP] NFS:V Conversion (Currently working on NoS, your help is appreciated):

    HUD Finished:

    Hello, the NFS Underground 2 was so that there were 3 steps and the Nitro Packages.

    Nitro Stage 1 = The cheapest first level to buy in a store.

    Nitro Stage 2 = The second medium level to buy in the store.

    Nitro Stage 3 = The third final level to buy in the shop.

    In addition, it is possible to set the nitro power separately.

    Highest power = shortest running nitro with high power.

    The longest running time of nitro = nitro works gently, but for a long time.

    50/50 = Nitro works between maximum power and between the shortest / longest nitro times.

    Could you do something like this?

    Then the longest nitro on Nitro Stage 1 will last for 4 seconds, and Nitro Stage 3 will last 10 seconds.

    On Nitro Stage 1, the maximum nitro power will be less than on Nitro Stage 3

    Is it possible to do it and if my tips are understood for you?


    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Other Screens = https://imgur.com/a/3a1zP

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