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How do I make map modifications in the vanilla game world?

  • Hey guys, so I´m new into modding this game, I recently started trying some stuff with Object Spooner, anyway, I want to mod the original map of the game, there´s a house near chumash that has a weird fence which makes it difficult to enter in the house and I want to remove it, I also wanna make an interior for the house using Spooner but there´s no way to get inside the house. So is there any way to remove stuff from the vanilla map? Can anyone help me doing this?

    This is the house
    alt text

    I wanna take these out
    alt text

    Remove this door to make it enterable
    alt text

    And also remove these curtains so I can get a good view of the outside.
    alt text


  • Not possible with just Menyoo's Object Spooner.

    Sadly, you require 3Ds Max and the GIMS EVO GTA 5 Plugin for 3Ds Max.

    You don't have to by 3DSM (3DS Max), the student version is available for 2 years, free of charge. But it does die off, like any trial.

    Zmodeler 3 (I think, anyway) supported map editing, too. But that costs money, so best bet is 3DS Max.

  • you cant modify game assets without exporting to a 3d program, i understand you want to make a custom house, be aware that some interiors are not alignt with the outside design/position of windows ,doors etc.
    but you can make it, to be able to enter your custom house you need to use a custom markers, to teleport inside and then outside

  • Thanks a lot for the answer guys. Could y´all tell me how hard it is to edit an asset in those programs?

  • @BladeRJ Yeah I know that, still I wanted to remove the curtains to be able to view outside the house, this one doesn´t have the correct position of the doors like you said.

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