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Editing Added Vehicle Spawn colours and midification variations.

  • Hey aagain all,

    I have recently added all the latest DLC vehicles to the traffic in my game using an already modded Popgroups.ymt file (can't remember who it was from sorry) and was wondering, cars I have added here, how and even is it possible to make the cars I have added to traffic sometimes appear modified and also how to I give vehicles more spawn colours the bufallo S only seems to appear in 3 colours I have read it involves editing .ymt and .meta files which I can't edit with any app/tool also I don't properly know where they would be.

    Thank you very much all. :)

  • @ILOVEFOOTBALL95 https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/dlc-vehicles-spawn-on-traffic

    Since it's a modified (vague memory) popgroups.ymt, it should be freely modifiable to add more vehicles (you could also swap them too. I'm not too sure about what the code looks like for the popgroups, but give it careful examination and you can learn it quick. That's how I had to learn how to add Add-Ons.

    Also if you need to edit the files, you can do it within OpenIV's text editor. Right click any .txt or .meta or .xml file and press Edit.

  • Ah thank you very much for the replay, yeah that was the editable popgroups.ymt I got, I have updated it to have all cars from online as well in the traffic but I would really like to be able to have some cars spawning with different/more colour variations and have them sometimes spawning with modifications but I have not one clue where and how to edit carcols.dat or whatever it would be called or how to script the added cars to spawn with modifications, also where is there a file for airtraffic popgroups and which file stores the parked cars, would like to add to try and add all the current/latest aircraft on the map. :)

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