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Any edit to carcols screws up police car lights?????

  • Good morning good afternoon good evening everyone. Can anybody please tell me why all police cars lights stop working when you edit the carcols? Does it happen to anyone???? I don't got any modified scrips or car mods els, my game is almost vannilla. I don't get it why it's happening. The other day i downloaded a car with a lot of tuning, the vanilla car i replace doesn't have alot of tuning parts like the one i downloaded so i download the carcols from this website to add more parts so it can match the one i downloaded . After it's all set and done my game still runs good with no crashes and my replaced car has the tuning parts that i added, it's just the police cars light bar does light up just the tail lights. Can someone please tell me how to fix this. I never messed the police cars ever. Thank you for your time.

  • Anyone? Does it ever happen to you when you edit the carcols on update rpf like add tuning parts?

  • Probably because the carcols was modified to fit a police car mod from here that doesn't use vanilla lightbars (because people make their own lightbars for the car, but because the game doesn't recognize it's design, you need to program the game to make it understand how the non-vanilla police lights work.)

  • @krashadam but even the vanilla police car lights bars don't work , all of the emergency vehicles in the game have that issue. The only thing that lights up are the tail lights, "wig wags" does that happen to you when you edit your carcols?

  • @Kitten-blaster No, because I only replace them based on 1 specific vehicle. If I get more than one vehicle that requires another carcol I'd add it as Add-On, there's people here who can do that for you, but don't expect 'em right when you ask.

    The Requests section is good for that.

    Here's how your topic subject (in the Requests section) should look:

    [Mod type] Name Goes Here (Mod type is where you either place Map, Vehicle, Ped, Weapon, or Script based on the type of mod you require. Name goes here is where you place what kind of mod you need.


    [Script] Go limb by pressing "K"

    Hopefully this helped.

    (I remember figuring out how to add more than one car that needed a modded carcols, but I can't remember how I did it, it's been a month since I modded GTA 5.)

  • Yeah i edited the carcols only one time just to add parts for a car, yeah i understand your point, trust me i try to avoid carcol cause of confusions like this. Thank you very much for your time man. Greatly appreciate it.

  • @Kitten-blaster you can edit carcols.ymt all you want and it will still work as long as you correctly add the new data. Must have correct spacing and size wont matter. i had my carcols.ymt up to 5mb at one point. you have an error somewhere in your carcols.ymt file. i have added new rims and new police siren light ids to my carcols.ymt file and they all work.

  • @Willief23 Hi man, yeah the parts i added in the game works perfectly well, it's just the police car lights dont light up and i wasn't even messing with the police lights in the carcols at all just the tuning parts. Which carcols are you using? I was trying to edit the xml carcols that i downloaded from the open iv team here in gta5.mods.com i switch it to ymt when i replace it. Could it be that i have to transfer the police cars data from original carcols to the xml one so the police cars light to work?? Cause earlier i didn't do a single edit to the xml carcols and replaced the vanilla and still the lightbar won't work. I think krashadam has point. I Thought that both the carcol from this site and the vannilla one was the same. Sorry for the long story

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