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Out of no where crash

  • So today i booted up GTA and it crashed... on start-up after 1-2 loading screens... i tried to Steam File Verify but no results... so can anybody help me? Yesterday it was working fine and i didn't change anything since then..

    openiv.log : http://www.mediafire.com/file/fhvycc2ios9va39/OpenIV.log

  • I don't see anything from patchday13ng and up. Did you update the game correctly?

    Also I see you aren't using the mods folder. I suggest you do that. Just let Steam verify and restore all files and remove any mods from the base game, until things work. This includes just disabling OpenIV itself.

    By the way, pastebin.com is preferred for most text files.

  • Nevermind , i fixed it. thanks for the help :D

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