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[C# | HELP] UI.DrawTexture() hide outside from alpha channel

  • Hello guys, how can I make a texture hide when outside another texture (container), this is what I obviously get if I move it:

    I tried to do a workaround and got something like this by changing the size, but it's pretty bad

  • @lorizz12 Perhaps you should separate it into 3 textures: the background, the rectangle part of the foreground texture, and the triangle part of the foreground texture.
    Do your workaround (changing the size), but instead of changing the whole foreground texture's size, only change the rectangle texture's size, then move the triangle texture so it's still attached to the rectangle. This way the triangle doesn't look horrible when stretched.

  • @Jitnaught the problem is that if I stretch it more the height bugs out and goes out by 2-3 pixels

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