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Game Crashing At Loading Screen, Help?

  • Hi all, I'd like to preface this by saying: No, I'm not new to modding GTAV. Before recent updates, I had over 50GB of modded files in my game (mostly cars, 30+), with no issue installing anything.

    After the updates, I stopped modding as I was discouraged that I lost all of those weeks of mods. I just decide to delete my game, and perform a fresh install of everything.

    My game runs fine, until I install ANY add-on car, then it won't run (even in safe mode). This isn't a game memory issue, and I have no idea what could cause this. Any ideas? Have I missed out on any mandatory modding changes since recent game updates?

  • Version of your new GTA V?

  • I am also having the issue where it crashes upon loading. I cant figure out though what mod is causing it to crash. Does anyone have any ideas because I'm stumped. Only mods I have is car replacers and a few addons, however the game was running fine with these addons only a few hours ago.

  • have you edited the handling file in any way? I didn't have any issues until I made a few hiccups along the way. Never had an issue with simply replacing files. If the archive had 4 files for one car but the new replacement only had 3 I delete the original 4 and it always worked for me.

    Check your crash log too. May be a corrupt file.

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