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Plz help!!! game keeps crashes in certain actions

  • The game keeps crashing randomly or when doing certain actions like: entering vehicles or taking the first shoot

    I only use script mods nothing else
    Here's my installed script mods
    -pc trainer
    -ped conversation
    -gangster aim
    -map editor

    • custom weapon animations
      -death animation
      -three men army
      -random attackings

    That's all the mods that I installed(no car mods or misc mods)
    Plz help me because this crash is so annoying for me and makes me so pissed off
    Whenever I enter a vehicle or shoot, the game crashes for no reason
    What can i do to fix this? Is there a certain mod that I installed caused this problem or it's a problem with my pc itself

  • Also sorry for my bad English


    Remove all mods and add them back one by one to see which causes the crashes.

  • @ikt That would take so long but anyway I will try it


    Longer than waiting for an answer nobody knows?

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