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Attention please.

  • Hello.
    I don't know who exactly approves mods nowadays but it is not done right anymore.
    Everytime I upload an update for a mod, I'll put a version into the text box, and submit.
    Once it is approved, the version is changed if it isnt "simple" (i dont know how to word it).
    ie I updated to 0.171 and it got approved as 0.18, that is not the version so????

    All I'm saying / requesting is that moderators just LEAVE the file and version as-is and dont mess with anything because it shouldn't be my responsibility to change my version BACK to what I PUT originally.


    I don't know who did this but I'm tagging all @Global-Moderators so the one who approved your mod can hopefully explain why.

  • It has happened twice now to the same mod (Private Dealer), and once to my godmode mod.


    Is "0.171" exactly what you're putting into the version field or are you putting something else in there? Just trying to work out whether it's some automatic code that's doing this or whether it's a moderator -- but I have no idea why a moderator would change your specified version number.

    So can you just confirm whether that's exactly what you're entering or whether it's something else, so I can test.

  • @FIFASam unless the version fields are left empty (blank) by the mod author, moderators dont have a reason to change the file version on approval.

    I manually put file version or - in place of empty boxes for approvals. I hope it wasnt me messing it up for ya : P but as i said if there is no reason for manually changing file number i dont see why a moderator would do that.

    Thanks for letting us know , we will talk amoung the staff so that such things never happen again in future.

  • @Dark0ne Yes, I put a version everytime but, whenever it isnt something like "0.17", it changes.
    It did it when I had 0.153, it changed it to 0.16

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