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Which seems to be the best gaming PC for running EVE and graphical mods?

  • Hello, I was just wondering if there is anyone on here who could give suggestions on which seems to be a great gaming computer for running these intense mods.

  • Generally you would want top class of each component. Ofc people will tell you budget settings and such. We are talking about newest generation i7 core overclocked plus a 980/1080 nvidia card, 16GB ram at least and a good no bottlenecking motherboard. Ontop of all that, a SsD harddrive

  • Thank you.

  • Do you think that the Asus Rog GT51CA would be a best match?

  • @car-mod-fan build the pc yourself. Even if you buy all the parts and have a computer shop install them all for you. Should run around $100-$200 to have a computer shop install all the cpu parts and it will be cheaper then that Asus ROG computer. newegg.com has pretty good prices on pc parts. Sometimes amazon will have a few parts cheaper but usually newegg will be the cheapest. You will want an i7 6700k or 7700k with a noctua dh15 air cooler. Corsair or gskillz 1866mhz or 2166mhz 16gb ddr4 ram. Intel ssds are among the best for most reliable ssds with the lowest failure rate i think its around 1%. Samsung ssd may be cheaper but there is lots of reviews of them failing in 6 months or less. You will want at least a 900watt Gold or platinum rated power supply. Seasonic or EVGA are great power supplies. I went overkill on my powersupply and got a 1000 watt EVGA P2 powersupply for my system that only uses around 600 to 650watts. Your power supply will stay cooler and last longer by not maxing it out.There is really no point in doing sli just get a really good 1080ti card like EVGA, Asus ROG, Asus Strix, gigabyte. MSI only if its the 3 fan cooler ones. Noctua and Cougar make good case fans that are decent to good airflow while being quiet fans. Computer case wise either a mid tower or full tower as long as it will hold at least a 11.5 inch long graphics card. Phanteks or corsair make good cases.

    For thermal paste which is placed in between the cpu and heatsink i highly recommend Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Its better then almost all the other thermal pastes before you get into liquid metal pastes. Liquid metal pastes are tricky to apply and will stain the cpu and bottom of heatsink.

  • @Willief23 But not everyone can build a PC.

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