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"(Username) is writing a post!"

  • There should be a feature where if a user is typing it will show their name and avatar slightly faded out with the message saying "Username is writing a post!".

    What do you think?

  • What do you mean like when would this happen? Chats or general forum? @krashadam

  • @krashadam Well, this isn't an instant messenger, its a forum. I don't think it would work

  • @AHK1221 The reason why I see having it here is because we have like a lot of people posting, and just so we don't misinterpret posts (example comment "^lol jackass above me dont know math")

    I've had moments where I would post right when someone else does and my post would usually end up under theirs.

  • @krashadam well idk if the admins will do it since the forum runs on NodeBB.

  • @krashadam @AHK1221 I agree with AHK. As well as that, many people on the forums don't reply instantly, maybe in an hour etc, so many people wouldn't see that or care for it. Maybe in the private messages on this site but yeah. I don't think it's worth it.
    Also thanks for ignoring me Krashadam -_-

  • @ethannn_ said in "(Username) is writing a post!":

    Also thanks for ignoring me Krashadam -_-

    I don't have to respond to every comment I get forwarded to me...???

  • @krashadam Never said you did, I just asked a question. :/

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