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Finally got traffic and ped densities to the levels always wanted, but...

  • Just this morning, I finally made the right combination of changes between gameconfig and popcycle to get the traffic to look like real-life. For over a year I had struggled with traffic downtown - traffic densities would not be uniform, I would see too much traffic in the countryside, decent, real-life densities on the freeway, but anything in the city was just too underwhelming. Now that I have it working the way it should, my mod is ready for release. My question is regarding a youtube video to showcase what my mod will look like in your game. Is there a record option inside the game itself that allows me to record for x amount of time? If so, where will it put the finished recording, and would it be in a format that could be viewable when uploading to youtube? If not, what is the best way to achieve what I am wanting to do?

  • you have this game since 2014 and you dont know about the video recording ? do you intent do edit in game cams or just show trafic ?
    you could use fraps or nvidia shadowplayer that doesnt take much impact on performance while capturing.

    rockstar records maximum strips of either 5 or 8 minutes i dont remember,they are only readable by rockstar editor, but when you render that, its normal video file located at C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA V\videos\rendered

  • @BladeRJ It can record about 10 mins max. (faint memory)

    @eshenk How long has it been since you played GTA 5?

    Pretty long time, huh?

    Anyways, press F1 to record a clip. Press it again to stop recording.

  • @krashadam I never had a reason to consider it until now. I thought I remember seeing the option but wasn't sure. It won't work for my intentions since the finished recording is in a format that can only be read by Rockstar editor.

  • @eshenk you can use a program called Fraps to record your gameplay or bandicam. make sure you set your codec options under settings before you first use it. Either h264 or divx are both good to use.

  • @eshenk @Willief23 If you're on Windows 10 some Xbox One features have been ported to Windows 10. You can use the Game DVR by pressing Win+Alt+R to start recording. You will receive a message saying something like "Is this a game?" Click yes and you're instantly recording. Keep in mind the MP4s it creates will be rather large if you record for too long.

    Press Win+Alt+G to open the full game bar.

  • @krashadam I tried this, but where will the videos go? I looked in users/admin/documents/Rockstar/videos but found nothing. I pressed win-alt-r to record but have no video that I can find. If I press win and G it will give me a small menu with a record button, but I can't press record because when I move my mouse it just moves my perspective instead of a pointer to select that record button.

  • @eshenk Go to This PC>Videos>Captures.

  • @eshenk Bandicam is the tool of my choice. The free unregistered version records up to 10 minutes per video and you will have a "Recorded with Bandicam" watermark at the upper boundary. That's no problem for me and if it ain't for you either, you could give it a try at https://www.bandicam.com/.

  • @Cyron43 Thanks buddy. I tried the built-in Windows recording option for games. I pressed win-alt-r and it didn't record the action, which I was very disappointed of. I also tried win + g, and it brought up a small menu with the record option, but when I moved my mouse to try to click the record button, it simply moved my character instead, LOL.

  • @eshenk If you use a NVidia card then you could install the geforce experience app and use that to record gameplay clips.

  • @eshenk The Game DVR shouldn't be altering your gameplay...

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  • This post is deleted!

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