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Invalid model

  • Hello everyone, so about a year from now i installed about 50 addons and everything was working pretty good until I decided to fuck up with the files so i had to reinstall the game, I reinstalled after openiv was unbanned, i installed everything just like i used to but i cant spawn a single car, says invalid model. I installed scripthook v scripthookdotnet dinput and menyoo.asi and gameconfig for limitless addons. Everything is installed in the mods folder. I installed a graphics mod and meyoo and both worked. Please help me

  • @wreckedshelf You're trying to install an Add-On car, but it won't spawn, correct?

  • yes

  • @krashadam hey dude, i installed the mpgunrunning which allowes you to spawn gun running vehicles in sp, it also says invalid model whenever i try to spawn

  • @wreckedshelf search for a file called "dlclist.xml". Make sure it is in your mods folder and that you have gone through update>x64>(I believe it's "data" you wanna check. Haven't modded GTA in a while, so....)

    Let me know when you have found this and please screenshot the whole OpenIV window.

    If you don't know how to do this, press prtscrn on your keyboard.

    Go to the start menu, and find Paint (if you're a Win10 user you can just pop it into the new search bar there.)

    Once you have loaded into Paint, go to the clipboard. It should be in color. Click the clipboard and it should paste your screenshot onto the canvas.

    Save as any file type of your choosing and find a site to upload.

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