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[MISC]The Infected

  • The Infected are humans who are the victim of a rabies-like pathogen, which causes them to act on instinct and become aggressive, essentially making them mindless killers. Their loss of motor control prevents them from picking up items and operating equipment, and they also lack the ability to feel sensations, which means they have more endurance than any normal human.

    I'm currently putting together the ped's AI(behavior, personality, etc.). All I need is anyone who can create a model.

    Below are the basic requirements for it's appearance:

    • Eyes: same as that of the Infected eye contact for MP characters(can't find it).
    • Skin: based on that of the infected masks. May have scratches, cuts, or any other deformations.
    • Clothing: may be ripped and torn, with traces of blood.

  • @Elope The Infected are technically living humans, but nice model though.

  • thanks for making this mod I like using it

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