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One Question here !!!

  • Hello everyone !!! I have a question if someone can answer ?
    I am a car freak so I have added many many vehicles to my game
    I experienced one thing that If you add many add-on vehicles to your game there are few things that stop to work:-
    1:- Micheal's car the obey tailgater would not spawn in traffic anymore.
    2:- If you or any other ped in the game tries to ride a bicycle he/she glitches out every-time he enters or leave the bicycle even Micheal's son JIMMY
    3:- Ponsonbys and some other shops won't work.

    Can anybody tell me what's the problem here I mean is this something to do with excessive add-on or some other thing

    Thanx in advance for looking into my query.

  • @Raval I suggest to make the title of your thread more descriptive. Just "One Question here" is as dumb as "Help!". Also, this doesn't belong in the "General Modding Discussion" section but to "Installation Help & Troubleshooting".

  • @Raval

    1. You shoud replace the tailgater with the original file , maybe it's too much high poly for your game to spawn it, or check in popgroups.ymt
    2. I guess it's in vehicles.meta , compare the line with original and use the original bikes
    3. Thats the gameconfig file I guess , just use less things , and choose only car models which are optimized.

  • @cgz
    But here is my reply to this
    1:- my tailgater is 100% stock I haven't changed anything
    2:- all my bikes are stock too
    3:- I'll check on this one

  • @Raval
    Maybe you have custom tuning part for the tailgater that don't work with original tailgater.
    You checked in vehicles.meta ? see if bikes have the same lines than original ?

  • @cgz ok I got you
    And no I haven't checked it yet but I'm going to check it.

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