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[Script] Pull Over/Fine Mod

  • I was wondering if anyone could make a (hopefully) simple mod where if you have 2 wanted level stars or less, you can put your car in a complete stop, and an option to pay a fine ($25-$500) will appear, and you can decide to pay it or run. If you pay it, your wanted level will be removed.

    A few little things I'd like to add:

    • You can not pay fines while on foot
    • The cost of the fines are randomized
    • If your wanted level is greater than 2 stars, you can not pay the fine
    • You have 1 minute to stop on the side of the road after getting your wanted level, or else your option to pay the fine will no longer be available
    • Police do not shoot you unless you don't pay the fine/run away

    If you can make this mod for me, thank you. This mod will be great for realistic situations in singleplayer.

    (The mod "Felonies" has features like driving over a speed limit will give you wanted level, and "Better Chases" make it so cops don't shoot you unless you have 4 stars, and use taser instead. If you want to add these features, that would make the mod better, but you don't need to if you don't want to.)

  • @Frisky Comments say that the mod is not working properly, and it looks like the mod is abandoned. I'll still try it and let you know what happens.

  • @Frisky I just tried the mod. It's not really fluid.

    When you break a traffic law, you don't get a wanted level. It just says to stop your car to pay, even if there are literally NO police officers or police cars anywhere. When you stop, it just spawns an officer and a police car, and it doesn't even work that well, because when I tried to press "Y" to pay my ticket, it glitched out and duplicated the police car, officer, and fine, and I had to pay twice. Of course this is an old mod, which is why I requested for someone to make this one from scratch. Thanks for the input though, just a shame that the mod is outdated.

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